Jeff Tait

Owner, Coach

My wife and I have two girls, Avery and Lauren, whom you’ll see a lot of here at HSC.  Wanting my daughters to be surrounded by positive influences was a major factor in my decision to pursue CF HSC.

Backing up a bit, I haven’t always valued a healthy lifestyle.  I was active in wrestling through high school and then pretty much ate and drank whatever I wanted for the next 12 years or so. By my mid 20’s, I had gained 75lbs.  I was lazy, I made excuses, and I couldn’t stick to an exercise routine for more than a few days.   I finally realized that I could no longer live this way.  I spent some time in various gyms, biked and ran, but when I found CrossFit, everything changed.  Fitness was fun again.  It kept me coming back.  I started to prioritize my fitness and took accountability in my nutrition.  The community of people was amazing and we have some of the best people you’ll ever meet here at HSC.  Now in my 30’s I’m fitter than most 20 year olds.  We refer to that era of my life as “Old Jeff”, and I can tell ya, he ain’t coming back!

I have a job I love in the medical device industry that has taken me to around 35 CrossFit gyms across the country.  You could say HSC has parts of what I love best of many of those places.

Why I coach

I do this because I love to help others improve their quality of life.  To see people grow fitter, stronger, and confident is pretty friggen cool to me.

Certifications CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

Tim Maluski

My name is Tim Maluski:

When I am not coaching Crossfit, I am an Insurance Agent for American Family Insurance, father to Lucas and Mac and husband to Katie.I have always enjoyed coaching and have coached several youth sports over the years. I have been involved in Crossfit for 2 years and became a Level 1 Crossfit Trainer in Januaryof 2014. Coaching brings me joy when I watch people develop and reach milestones they didn't think were attainable, I love every minute of it. I think of myself as a positive and outgoing person, although I have been known to have a sense of humor too! The things I love most in life are my relationship with God, my family and friends.My favorite workout is Helen.

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